Mr Kneel, formerly known as The Littleague, has a mission to create positive, informative and self-esteem building music for families to share together. Music with an educational and developmentally appropriate message that educators and parents will embrace, but so good that kids, and adults, will want to listen to it again and again. Mr Kneel creates inspired original Hip Hop music which assists educators and parents in promoting children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Mr Kneel also works with educational companies providing original music to accompany programs which teach obtainable solutions to problems such as peer pressure, violence, and anger management.

Mr Kneel makes a different kind of family music,  designed by a life-time educator, with special attention to detail, for your child to grow-into, not out-of.


Neil McIntyre - Creator/Writer & Music Director/Emcee

Neil is a professional speaker, Hip Hop Emcee and Beatboxer.  He uses his talents as "Mr Kneel" (fka The Littleague) to encourage and uplift children of all ages. Neil has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard and Urb (urban music) magazines. He has won several awards for his music and even co-wrote a song that was nominated for an American Music Award. Recently he has turned his attention toward non-profit groups doing the most good for kids. He has created original material children's museums, sports teams, Why Try, FLIP IT, the Can'd Aid "Crush it Crusade", Gabriel's Foundation of Hope and Rachel's Challenge.

A former inner-city educator, Mr Kneel taught for five years at Warren Village an amazing school/housing facility on capital hill in Denver Colorado.  His student were savvy and disinterested in the "children's music" Mr Neil had available to him.  As soon as the song would start " Hi kids, Do you want to have some fun?" In a clownish voice, the kids were quick to respond with " Shut that off" So Mr Kneel was born, building on his success as an emcee, Neil decided to dedicate his craft to building a music kids and their parents could enjoy together that reminded us of what we love about HIP HOP!

Programs - Most school assemblies are 45mins in length

Mr Kneel's Hip Hop and Literacy Mr Kneel uses beat-box, rhymes and interactive games to share his love of reading.


Mr Kneel: A.L.O.H.A.  A character program that encourages acts of aloha, through choosing the right attitude, and building self-respect, with beat-box, rhyme and crowd interaction.


Dr. Seuss Raps!: Music and beat-box inspired by the works of Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, that encourages imagination, and the joy of words!


Mr Kneel Showcase: A 45 minute set, that gives kids an interactive, fun adventure into sound, and imagination


The Beat-box Workshop: A hands on tutorial for the kids and parents to join in together, exploring what they can do, if they try.


 Avocadra Live! Health, Wellness, and Movement! Avocadra has come from outer space to Hawai'i to "Harness the Power of Big Island Avocados" and make our world a healthier place!  Along with Mr Kneel and his message of Aloha, Avocadra hopes to spread the joy of wellbeing, and rock your socks off!


Clients - Mr Kneel has created songs or material for:



*Rachel's Challenge - 


*WhyTry Inc. 


 *The Lincoln Saltdogs -Minor-League Baseball Team 


*Franziska Racker Centers in partnership with The Devereux Early Childhood Initiative -


 *The Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus - Denver CO


*The Lincoln Children's Museum- 


*Gabriel's Foundation of Hope - with Motivational Speaker Gabe Murfitt www.gabeshope.org


*C.H.A.S.E. - Autism Awareness

Kurtis Blow - First King of Rap Music! Mentor/Friend

"I'm Kurtis Blow and I want you to know that THESE ARE THE BREAKS!!!!

Break it up, Break it up, Break it up, BREAKDOWN!!!"

When Kurtis Blow recorded this Epic song in 1979 he was about to change the world of Rap Music.

Kurtis Blow is the "First King of Rap Music" and the first solo artist to go gold, make a million dollars and tour the world!  When history looks back, Kurtis will be know as one of the handful of artists who can truly be called a founding-father of Hip Hop Culture.

 He currently is a minister, television producer and God Father to the Hustle Sprouts.   The Hustle Sprouts was started by Mr Kneel with help from Kool Rock Ski of the famous Fat Boys.  Kool Rock , known for so many years for his rhymes, infectious laughter and on-screen-antics was known most for his tremendous size.  The "All You Can Eat' star had a change of heart and lost almost 200 pounds!

This group isn't just about losing weight, its about feeling good about ourselves and positive encouragement.

Kool Rock Ski - Train conductor on "TrainTrack"

Kool Rock is a member of the now legendary Fat Boys, stars on the big screen, radio and television, a rare accomplishment.

Kool Rock, Markie D and the Human beatbox Buff Love, got their starts as the Disco Three and launched to fame, under the arm of Kurtis Blow, in the classic movie Krush Groove!  Kool Rock was about "ALL YOU CAN EAT" now he's all about being a Hustle Sprout, being active, loving yourself and the world around you.  Kool Rock truly is the best " Kool Rock " he can be.

Craig G - Pizza Delivery Guy on "Pizza Party"

Craig G is an old-school legend from the famous Juice Crew with Biz Markie, MC Shan, Masta Ace, Marley Marl and Big Daddy Kane

DJ Stretch - Mr Kneel's DJ and featured artist on "Stretch"

Dj Stretch is a world class turntablist and proud Colorado native with over 14 years of experience.  He specializes in scratching, mixing, and party rocking.  His affiliations include Denver's own Lordz Of Finesse Hip Hop Crew (LOF), The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew (TBB) and the Colorado Cut Committee.

Stretch creates an extraordinarily unique sound that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving every time.  By meticulously blending the arsenal of genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, Turntablism, and EDM with cutting precision and razor sharp accuracy, he has earned a reputation for being a true master of his craft.



John McIntyre - Visual Artist and Director

John McIntyre is Neil's older cousin and an amazing talent.  Neil grew up admiring John,  who has worked on so many iconic animated television shows including but not limited to,  "The Powerpuff Girls",  "Rocko's Modern Life" and Mr Kneel's hit video "The Booger Song" :) John did all the original "In the Wilderness" art and hopefully more to come..

Dino O'Dell - Producer and lead vocalist on "With These Hands" and "Outer Space"

Dino O'Dell is an award-winning author, educator, and storyteller. He performs interactive shows for children and families, and as a former classroom teacher, Dino's goal is to deliver content, which can range from subjects as varied as outer space science, world geography, or early literacy letters and numbers.  You can find out more about Dino's school assemblies, shows, CDs, and books at


"Brother John" Anderson - Vocals on "Meanie Mo" with the Collective and "With These Hands"

For over 20 years Motivational Storyteller, Cultural Historian, Recording Artist, Vocalist Brother John has dazzled audiences throughout the United States and the caribbean with his unique brand of enthusiastic stage presence.  A former children's pastor and early childhood educator, Br. john is the president of Rajpa Productions, a motivational entertainment company, that specializes in promoting healthy, social, intra-personal communication skills and literacy.   He teaches empowerment through music, stories and interactive, multimedia session of learning fun.  Br. John is also the executive producer, Co-host of the internet radio talkshow, "Legacy Alive Testify" which features personal stories of success amongst its guests.  Brother John's life motto is:  "I live, learn, know, to share!"

Brandon Draper - Percussion Master featured on "In the Wilderness" and "Train Track with Kool Rock"

Brandon is a master percussionist, teacher and children's artist.  His group Drum Safari is one of America's finest interactive percussion driven groups for families, based in KCMO.  


Derrick "SolPowa" Rice - Producer of the "Reconnect" and "In the Wilderness" songs

Derrick is the leader of Rrrraaahhhfoundashun

one of Denver colorado's premier Hip Hop groups for well over a decade.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and is furthering his education.

Jonny 5 of the Flobots - Emcee on "C.L.E.A.R."

Jonny (Jamie Laurie) a Denver legend and old friend of Mr Kneel's. He was kind enough to tear up this track to help us benefit Gabriel's Foundation of Hope.


Aryana Nemati - Baritone Saxophone and Composer on "Meanie Mo" & "Hustle Sprouts"

Kansas City native, Aryana Nemati has true passion for music.  She has been playing the saxophone for the past 14 years in addition to flute and clarinet.  As she became more involved with music, she began studying jazz with local baritone saxophone/composer, Kerry Strayer.  

Today Nemati performs with bands of various genres such as reggae, ska, salsa, Motown, and funk.  In November 2013, Nematic was asked to sub in with the Harry Connick Jr.'s Band on the last night of his "Every Man Should Know" tour at Kansas City's Midland Theater.  During the the summer of 2014, Nematic performed with Mindi Abair at the Prairie Jazz Festival.  She is the baritone saxophonist for Bobby Watson's American Jazz Orchestra and The Collective featuring Brother John.

2Mex of the Visionaries - Tea party guest on "Tea for Two" (Tea for 2Mex)

2mex of the Visionaries, from Los Angeles, is a talented Latino Emcee and ground breaking under-ground phenomenon. 

Shatta-I - Vocals on "Trick You"

Shatta-I has been composing, producing and performing West African, Reggae and Hip Hop for over two decades.  He currently performs with Amanecer, a Denver based Folkloric/Blues/Jazz Band.  Shatta earned the "Best of Denver" award for Hip Hop artist in Westword Magazine and has self-produced and written three full-length solo releases.

Shatta-I has committed his academic career to young people as a teacher, Asst. Director of Curriculum and as a School Principal.  He is currently an Educational consultant for the globe's biggest K-12 provider of resources.  He is available to work with youth in the areas of Hip Hop, ethnic and world history, career path and the value of education.

Jim Stigall - Art Director

Jim is a native Colorado artist who currently resides in Westminster, CO. Using the moniker 'Beast546,' Jim has been an active and well-known graffiti artist in Denver and the greater state of Colorado for the last 15 years. His background and thorough knowledge of Hip Hop culture helps him to bring the visuals of The Littleague to life. Jim is currently a Senior Concept Artist at NetDevil - a video game developer in Louisville, CO - where he is currently helping to create the visual look of the anticipated MMO, LEGO Universe. See more of Jim's work at www.jimstigall.com.


JPZ - Producer of "Trick You with Shatta-I" and "The Bear and the Bees"

JPZ “Rec the Beats" is a KCMO native and long-time Hip Hop hero! Heart-felt rhymes and some of the best production in the mid-west Rec the Beats " a star is born! Recently he produced Dirt for E40! 



Tim Hendon - BBQ Chef and executive producer on "Trick You with Shatta-I"

Tim is an American Royal Champion BBQ Sauce creator and celebrity chef from the mecca of BBQ KCMO!

He is Mr Kneel's official BBQ chef when in Missouri

Improv - Producer on first four Littleague/ Mr Kneel records

Jared Collett aka Improv was a solid member of the Colorado Hip Hop scene in the naught years and an award winning producer and emcee

Ethan Raczka - Musical-Goofball expert advisor

A musical genius who left us too soon.

Jamalski - Jamalski is featured on The upcoming Mr Kneel LP

Jamalski is from Boogie Down Productions and an American dancehall legend.  His “Jump and Move” with the Brand New Heavies was made famous by the Happy Feet movie soundtrack.

Jason Skillz McDaniel - Engineer and co-producer on Train Track and Got to Go.

Skillz says it all, he is the master behind the latest Mr Kneel sound.  Jason also works full time at Air Show Studios in Boulder CO And does amazing work.

Diles - producer: Tree Hugger and Aloha

Diles co-operates Central Root Studios, a recording studio and artistic epicenter in Albuquerque NM.  Diles has released over 30 albums and collaborated with artists from around the world as well as having performed in venues, guest lectured, and facilitated workshops across the country and internationally in conjunction with organizations such as Santa Fe Opera, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Program, Fulbright-Hayes Foundation, Tricklock Theater, Little Globe, and Warehouse 508 among several universities as well as public and charter schools across the Southwest and the US.

"Diles' beats have a fine studio sheen, but drop a fraction of a beat every so often to remind you that they're the production of human hands" -Kent












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    Lana’i City - Lana’i City, HI
  • 03/06/2020
    Maunawili - Honolulu, HI
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    Kailua-Kona - Kailua-Kona, HI



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