From the recording Garden of Wonders


(HOOK) This is my working song I spent time working on I get my effort on my desires strong I’m working on Oh my how high your vines have grown Our garden is so green and over grown Its so to fun to have some sun to call your own Sunflower blooms big and over-blown But I think its time to pull some weeds indeed Give our plants all the room they need to breath Give them just a little space to grow and thrive Did you know that a plant can feel your vibe It can pick up on the inner-light that shines So make sure that you always treat them kind Make sure that you always keep in mind My green thumb could come and blow your mind That’s how my sugar beet got sweet inside And that’s why I won the Nobel Prize You want to grow grapes that are great to grub You’ve got to give them good thoughts and love (CHORUS) This world is a garden of wonders Where life springs forth from the darkness under It’s a miracle right before your eyes When we add water to where sunlight shines You want to garden kids you’ve got to work You’ve got to dig in the dirt and work the earth Dig rows with your hoes so your seeds can grow When you plant a seed you can say you sow Just think in the fall we can harvest our snacks While we do the Cabbage Patch in the cabbage patch But right now it’s spring when things are born When water flows between rows of corn So I wake up at the break of dawn So I can get my breaking on If I sleep too long with what I’m taking on Then I won’t have time it will take too long So that’s what I learned in the garden Is that you’ve got to work you hardest You’ve got to work to harvest All the fruits of your labor that you earned so honest (CHORUS) ( ALT HOOK)….working on, we sing a working song….we keep working on.)