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As an author and national presenter I am always looking for new ways to reach people about important messages related to young children’s development and resilience. Music is always a full proof method for sharing knowledge, bringing people together and having fun. When I developed a strategy called FLIP IT for working with young children with challenging behavior I was looking for ways to help adults remember the 4 steps in the heat of the moment with a child who was acting out. A catchy acronym helped, but I turned to Mr.Kneel to create a song and a beat that would be infectious. Mr.Kneel is not only musically gifted, but he gets children and best practices to support them. I gave him a rough copy of my book and he took the time to really read it, understand it and develop lyrics that beautifully represented the message. I wish everyone got FLIP IT as clearly as Mr.Kneel did right out of the gate, but he created a song that has helped so many others to understand and remember this strategy. I have always said that Mr.Kneel makes music that EVERYONE (young and old) wants to listen to. His beats move children and adults and his lyrics are clear and powerful. The FLIP IT rap is a huge hit in presentations and I am a huge fan of all Mr.Kneel’s music! Thank You Rachel Wagner Sperry, MSW Author of The FLIP IT Strategy, National Presenter and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist.” - Rachel Wagner Sperry, MSW

— Author of The FLIP IT Strategy, National Presenter and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist.

Mr. Kneel performed for our Summer Reading program at our local Farmer's Market. His performance garnered the largest audience of the summer. He is engaging, exciting and oh so creative - Family Hip Hop at it's finest. The children and parents continue to chant his resounding chants and call backs long after he has gone. Mr. Kneel is a total professional and such a delight to be around! He is making a difference in families lives with his energized message and music!   Paula Ciberay Youth Services Program and Outreach Manager Wilkinson Public Library   ” - Paula Ciberay

— Wilkinson Public Library

'Mr Kneel is a big hit' Thanks to the La Junta Tribune-Democrat!  Click the link below to read the article!” - Bette McFarren

La Junta Tribune-Democrat